Chimney Pots & Bird Guards

Chimney PotS & Bird Guard Installations

Birds nesting on your chimneys can become a real pest. Our bird guards will ensure that your chimney remains clean, clear and safe.

Williams and Sons Chimneys provide a specialist service to stop birds nesting on your chimney stacks and causing mess, blockages, health hazards and fire risk. Many birds return to nest in the same place every year and if they select your chimney you will have problems getting rid of them. The most effective way to do this allows us to remove any existing nests and debris and install a specialist bird guard on your chimney stack. This will protect your stack from nesting birds and potential blockages.

Chimney Pots and Cowls

We can supply chimney pots, cowls and bird guards to suit your every need. There are hundreds of different designs of chimney pots. Round, square, rectangular, octagonal, Long Toms and short ones to name a few. We can efficiently supply and fit the correct pot for your property style and age and advise you on whether you should consider a cowl or bird guard.

A chimney cowl is a product that we fit to the top of a chimney pot or flue to improve the ability for a chimney or flue to function. Chimney cowls can and have been made of many different materials over time but usually they are either clay, or more commonly cowls are made from metals such as stainless steel, steel or aluminium. Chimney cowls are designed to combat 3 main issues. These include:

  • Downdraught in chimneys and flues– a problem that occurs as a result of air being forced back down a chimney. This is most frequently caused by wind which causes positive pressure at the top of a chimney.
  • Rain entry in chimneys -this can cause a multitude of problems. These include everything from damp patches on chimney breasts within the home to stoves becoming filled with water and leaking nasty dirty water in your living room.
  • Bird entry in chimneys -this can cause massive problems as the nests and twigs, sticks, debris bought in by birds can stop the free flow of gases and even cause danger by stopping the safe evacuation of deadly carbon monoxide gas.

Our specialist chimney services include:

  • Chimney sweeping
  • Rodtech power sweeping
  • Chimney pot supply and fit
  • Bird guard supply and fit
  • Birds nest removal
  • Cowls supply and fit

What are the Advantages of Chimney Pots?

Chimney Pots come with a whole host of advantages, some of which include:

• Improved Ventilation

• Increased Draft Efficiency

• Ran and Debris Protection

• Spark Arresting

• Aesthetic Appeal

• Wind Resistant

• Reduced Downdraught

• Longevity and Maintenance

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Excellent sweep and installation Mark removed a birds nest from our chimney, he fitted a liner and stove in our lounge. We are extremely happy with the overall job. He is friendly, honest and reliable. Many thanks will recommend without hesitation
13 Mar 2016
Excellent service First class service for chimney sweeping & stove installation. Very clean & tidy. Arrived on time & everything completed as agreed. Would definitely recommend
06 Aug 2015
Friendly & Efficient Mark was great when he came to Sweep our chimney. Friendly and efficient, the job was done quickly and at a competitive price.
alex giles design
06 Aug 2015
Mark was fantastic from start to finish. His knowledge and precision is second to none. Thank you so much, such a swift installation - hardly knew you were there!
17 August 2018
“Williams and Sons Chimneys did a very good and professional job with no mess. I am very satisfied. I am also using them to install a wood burner.”


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